Ready To Create The Baby of Your Dreams?

Are you stressed out of your mind trying to create the baby of your dreams?  

Do you feel like you are striving so hard - too hard?  

Are you ready to become the Mum you've always wanted be?  

I'm Ready

Hey Soul Mumma,

I know you are working as hard as you possibly can to conceive. You want this baby so much, more and more each day.  

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little support with this process, to help you connect with your Soul Baby and enjoy the journey into motherhood?  

As you may know trying for a baby can affect so many areas of your life. - Your sleep patterns get interrupted - You can experience tension within your relationship - You become less productive at work - It can feel like you are on a spiral of negativity and you can feel helpless and overwhelmed.  

Recent Testimonials

"I worked with Emma after struggling to get pregnant for approx 18 months. I’m now 19 weeks pregnant. I would definitely recommend Emma’s services."


Introducing The Soul Baby Program

It gives me so much pleasure to introduce to you a brand NEW program that I have created. 

The Soul Baby Program - where you will work 1/2/1 with me to help you transform and become the empowered Soul Mumma you've always dreamed of being. On this journey you will get to know yourself (body, mind and soul) on a deeper level and together we will unearth and heal any problems along the way.  

  • Imagine what your life will be like when you have your baby in your arms, feeling that connection for real. 
  • Imagine feeling so much more calm and confident about what lies ahead on your fertility, birthing and motherhood journey.  
  • Imagine having a respect for yourself and your body and all it can do, so that you can nourish, nurture and feel more confident and decisive. 
  • Imagine feeling supported and grounded, so that you can enjoy this phase of your life.  

Together we will release any past experiences which may have left emotional scars - that needs healing in order for you to move forward.  

You will connect with your sacred womb, heal and clear any past traumas you may hold in the sacred space.  

You will truely connect with the Soul Mumma part of yourself and God willing you will enjoy a successful pregnancy.  

How This Program Will Help You

We will be working 1/2/1 using the Akashic Records. The main benefits of the Soul Baby programme are:

  • Together we will clear fears, traumas and beliefs that may be blocking the process.
  • Together we will work through to find what needs healing and releasing.
  • You will become more peaceful and relaxed on your fertility journey.
  • You will experience connection with your Soul Baby, so you can welcome them into your world.
  • You will experience more togetherness with your partner so the magic can happen.
  • This program will support you on your journey into motherhood. 
  • You will feel so much more at peace with your body’s ability to conceive and carry baby full term.
  • Your worries of work/life balance will be eased. 
  • Your belief in your ability to earn and provide for your new family will be enhanced  
  • As we work through these issues you will evolve into the Soul Mumma you’ve always wanted to become.  

By the end of the program you will feel very different to the way you did at the beginning.  

Recent Testimonials

"Working with Emma on my fertility journey has been truly magical and an eye opening experience. Emma is extremely gifted in helping Moms to be, get comfortable with where they are in the journey and uncover hidden causes that have been preventing them from getting pregnant. My journey to becoming a mom hasn’t been easy but having Emma guide me in the unconscious beliefs I have around getting pregnant has really helped me move from feeling bad about my journey to feeling empowered and okay with where I am at. Emma has an amazing ability to connect you with your soul baby and get to the root cause of the discord in getting pregnant. I am very grateful that I have been able to work with Emma and that we have healed some really deep junk that has been waiting to be healed for a long time." Anon

How does the course work?

This programme has been designed to help you transform into an empowered Soul Mumma.  

Imagine taking the stress and fear out of it, so that you can enjoy this amazing time in your life and feel so much more confident about becoming a parent.  

Over the 9 month program we meet twice a month on zoom, you will be able to work from the comfort of you own home or work space, all you need is internet access.  

The Soul Baby Program

What's included?

Module 1 - Making The Baby Connection

In this powerful module, you will establish a powerful connection and bond with your Soul Baby or Babies! This magical bond will help you become the mummy you have always wanted to be, God-willing.

Module 2 - Womb Connection and Healing

In this transformational module, you will experience some powerful energy processes that will assist in healing and clearing past traumas in the womb. This clearing will allow you to create a strong connection with the womb and this connection will allow your soul baby to feel safe and secure as it grows inside of its new home.  

Sometimes we have a block or imbalance going on within the womb from a number of things, such as: 1 – Polycystic ovaries or other physical ailments 2 – Miscarriages 3 – Sexual abuse 4 – Past life issues stored in the womb 5 – Trauma from childhood that may have got stuck in this part of your body 6 – Abortions 7 – Your own birthing trauma

In order to move forward with your fertility journey you may need to go back and address past issues, problems or experiences that can still trouble you. So that you can feel the freedom and joy that life has to offer. 

Module 3 - Embodiment of Your New Life as a Parent

In this life-changing module, you will learn how to step into the parenting role fully, so you embody the Mumma you have always wanted to be.

Module 4 - The Birth Process

In this healing module we will help you to fully embrace the birthing process. Making friends with this process will allow you to feel safe and secure when you are ready to give birth to your new baby.

Sometimes Mumma’s don’t even realise they have deeply buried fears of giving birth. I have many different processes and some of those processes may involve a past life regression in the Akashic Records, so that we can move past and transform any previous experiences so that you are not living them in the now.

Module 5 - Co-Parenting

In this explorative module we will be transforming any nerves or fears within your relationship connected with parenting together with your partner. 

You will be shifting and relieving any relationship stresses connected to co-creating and co-parenting. Removing any past beliefs connected to relationships, inherited or through your own previous experiences.

Module 6 - Becoming The Empowered Mumma

In this module you will experience a huge transformational shift that will allow you to step into your power and own your ultimate dream. This will help transform any self-esteem issues that you may be having so you can be the Mumma that you want to be.

What you get...

THE SOUL BABY PROGRAM so you can embody all aspects of your

Soul Mumma Self and step into that Divine power within you.  

When you enroll in The Soul Baby Program, you will receive….  

1:1 Healing Sessions with Emma twice each month for 9 months.


Email access to Emma Monday-Fridays

A Signed copy of my Best selling Book "Don't Get Stuck On Your Asana" 

One Time Payment
 £ 7,777


“Emma has been pivotal in our success in becoming parents! I can’t thank her work with her in My Soul Baby, cleared blocks to allow me to accept that I could become a Mummy after several miscarriages, failed IVF attempts and 5 years of trying! We are now joyful parents (myself becoming a Mummy at 46!) to our miracle baby girl and our family is complete! I honestly can’t thank Emma enough and am forever grateful. Thank you! 💕xx” Kirsty

Meet Emma

Fertility Coach & Bestselling Author

I've been on a journey of self-discovery from a young age and believe wholeheartedly in the power of the inner work to create the life that we desire. As well as the benefits of a simple well grounded spiritual practice to stay aligned to your dreams.

With Love, Emma  

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